Essential Outboard Motor Spare Parts Every Boater Should Have

For boaters to keep sailing, they must ensure they have the right engines. That is the only way they can be sure of better performance and safety. Self-sufficiency is a character that every sailor should have before commencing sailing off-shore. If you are passionate about travelling, ensure you take with you everything that you need, including spare parts. It will make your experience offshore better. How you use your craft determines the spare parts that you need. Here are some essential spare parts you should keep in your boat at all times.

Light Bulbs and Fuses

Having spare bulbs is essential for everyone using the craft after dusk. Since bulbs are very fragile, ensuring that the ones you have in the boat are functional is necessary. It helps if you check every time you want to cruise. Sailing on a ship at night is an exciting experience, but it is risky without the proper lighting. The fuses are essential for running the radio and GPS. Since there are several fuses on the vessel, it is necessary to take an inventory. It will help to know the different sizes you need to ensure you have the right spare parts.

Belts and batteries

Without a functional battery, you may get stuck in the middle of the water. Carrying a spare battery will save you the agony of getting stuck. It is also essential to inspect the cells to confirm they are functioning. At the same time, you need to have a spare belt that is easy to replace. The straps are essential in driving alternators to water the cooling pumps. They are, therefore, critical devices for the operation of the vessel.

Boat Fluid

Different boats will use various fluids. That is why you should choose the fluid based on the operation of your craft. It is also essential to find out any cause of loss of liquid so that you solve it before it grows worse. Ensure to keep enough fluid in case of emergencies.


It is essential to ensure you have a well-maintained tool kit. It will help you to change any defective part. Also, ensure you are anchored before turning off any component. That requires you to carry a spare anchor as well in case one fails. It is also good to know the parts you need to keep in your vessel. Talk to your boat supplier to help you get the right spare parts. These experts will ensure you get the components you need for an amazing boating experience. Look for parts for your brand like Yamaha outboard motor spare parts