Key Buying Points of a Quality Line Marking Equipment

When shopping for a line marking machine, what do you look for? For most people, the nozzles must be of top quality, and the machine must accept both standard paving paint as well as thermoplastic paint. Other buyers want a device that they can drive around or a large paint reservoir. While these features ensure that you get quality markings from the line marker machine, there are other features that most contractors forget. Most of the features are fundamental, but they play a significant role in the equipment's performance.

Easy to Push

Thanks to technology, it is easier to find line marking equipment that runs on an engine. These designs make work effortless and allow the marking team to concentrate on other critical areas during a line marking project. However, as is the case with any engine, you cannot rule out the possibility of engine failure during work, which can bring a project to a standstill. Therefore, it is essential to get line marking equipment that is easy to push. It ensures continuity of operations even after engine failure. When shopping for a line marker, look for one whose engine and chassis are light enough to allow pushing.

Extra Can Storage Space

If you are going to mark 5 kilometres of tarmac, it is easy to prepare the right amount of paint to last the entire distance. However, a 20-kilometre line-marking project offers a different challenge altogether. Regardless of the paint reservoir on the line marking equipment, it can be challenging to calculate exactly how much paint you need for the whole distance. Therefore, the only practical solution in such a circumstance is to have a cart that is loaded with extra paint cans follow the line marking equipment. However, these are troubles you do not have to encounter if the line marking equipment has storage space for extra paint cans. You simply load enough extra paint cans, and you are good to go.

In-Built Broom

Sweeping is a vital phase when preparing a site for line marking. The reason is that some line marking paints, such as thermoplastic paints, do not stick well on the dirty pavement. However, although line marking equipment is usually designated close to sweepers, some dirt is bound to be missed. A line marking machine that is equipped with a broom sweeps away the missed debris, thereby ensuring a clean surface.

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