How To Demolish A Commercial Building

Do you intend to demolish a commercial property? It could be that you plan to extend the house or create a new development. Unlike residential demolition, commercial demolition is quite technical and risky. So, how can you execute the works? Below are some essential tips. 

Hire A Demolitions Contractor

You will need a demolitions contractor to pull down your commercial building. Below is a criterion to help you choose a demolitions contractor: 

  • In Australia, demolition contractors require an operating licence. It is a guarantee that they have the technical expertise needed to pull down buildings.
  • Assess the contractor's reputation to establish their quality of work.
  • Given the risks associated with demolition works, the contractor must have adequate insurance.
  • Compare a few quotes to determine whether your preferred contractor is reasonably priced. 

Check The Demolition Regulations

There are various regulations you need to follow when demolishing a commercial structure. For example, you have to be mindful of neighbouring buildings and public utilities. As such, you should install a safety net to contain the demolition debris. Besides, you should use water curtains to control dust. Strata by-laws could prohibit you from demolishing the property at night or on weekends. Finally, your demolitions contractor should prepare a plan detailing how they will prepare for demolitions and the safety measures they will take. The plan is a prerequisite for acquiring a demolition permit from the local council. 

Choose A Suitable Method Of Demolition

Your demolitions contractor should conduct thorough assessments and check the demolitions regulations to determine how best to demolish the structure. In most cases, the contractors use heavy plant equipment to pull down multi-storey buildings. It can be challenging to use plant equipment if the building is too tall. In this case, the contractors use controlled implosion. The process involves the use of explosives to demolish the building. Ideally, the contractor divides the implosion into several stages to prevent total building collapse. 

Observe Site Safety   

Site safety will help prevent accidents as you demolish the building. For example, you should fence off the site to ensure only authorised personnel have access. Proper communication with workers goes a long way in ensuring safety at the site. For instance, you should set ground rules compelling them to wear protective clothing while working. Besides, there should be a clear line of communication from the plant operators to other employees. For example, the operators should communicate with riggers, who pass the information to everyone else at the site. 

When demolishing commercial buildings, hire a demolitions contractor, assess the demolition regulations, choose a suitable demolition method and observe site safety.   

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