How to Maintain Your Wheelchair Lift in the Cold Season

Changes in the weather present unique challenges to people who use mobility devices, such as wheelchair lifts and power scooters. Now that winter is fast approaching, you need to start thinking about the changes you can make to increase your comfort or that of a loved one when moving around the house. A simple home access appliance, such as a vertical platform lift, can be used to solve the biggest part of this problem. However, this is a major investment that costs a lot of money. It is advisable to ensure that once the installation has been made, it is properly serviced for durability. Here are a few tips that you will find very useful.

Proper Installation

The durability of the lift starts with how well the installation process is carried out. DIY lift installations may seem like the best way to save cash during the installation. However, this often leads to complications, which shortens the lifespan and efficiency of the lift. It is better to consult a professional and have them carry out the installation. Professional installers also offer maintenance arrangements where the condition of the chair is checked every twelve months, and the experts do any necessary repairs.

Personal Checks

Most people leave the work of figuring out whether their chairs are operating properly to professionals. As a result, they let small problems fester until they become massive complications. It is advisable to always check the entire system for weaknesses such as loose bolts, poor electrical connections, loose threads and other indicators that the chair could be undergoing excessive wear. If any parts seem loose, you should think about getting them repaired or replaced by a professional.

Recharging the Batteries

The other amazing way to ensure that the wheelchair lift is giving you the best service is by performing regular checks on the batteries and making sure they are sufficiently charged. Most lifts operate best when their batteries are fully charged. When batteries are left to discharge completely, they become more susceptible to damage. Ensure that you recharge batteries any time that the lift is not in use.

These are a few simple and very effective tips for the maintenance of wheelchair lifts. It is advisable to have the lifts checked every three months. These routine checks help establish what problems the system could be developing and resolve them in time. Always consult a professional for maintenance and repair of wheelchair lifts, as this assures you of quality servicing.