HR Plans You Need in Place for Your Online Teaching Business

When you begin your online teaching business, you may not consider some of the long-term issues that can occur. As your business grows, it will become evident that you will need to consider these issues and put plans into place for each one. One way to go about doing this is to bring in an HR risk assessment services provider like DLPA Pty Ltd. They can evaluate your current business and help you create the plans you need. Here are three of the plans they will likely mention and what you need to know about each one ahead of the assessment. 

Social Disclosures

One of the leading ways that people share information about their jobs, especially online jobs, is through social media. This can be helpful in the way of sending more teachers to your teaching platform. However, it can also bring you liability issues. For example, if you have a teacher who has left your platform, they may publish a video on social media. Their experience may not be typical of your other teachers, but the people viewing it may feel that it is. This can give your platform a bad reputation for not only potential teachers but students who find the video as well. For this reason, you should consider social disclosures as part of your risk assessment services and consultation. Look for ways to limit publications on social media where possible.

Country Rulings

A risk that you may not consider with having an online teaching platform is other countries' rules regarding education. For example, some countries may have rulings regarding how late a child can take tutoring lessons either face to face or online. This could be due to other education requirements or could be due to child laws within that country. This means you need to have a plan in place to ensure you are not at risk for violating those rulings. Your HR risk assessment services provider can go over those rulings with you and help you determine the proper plan for your needs.

Privacy Risk

Your teachers on the platform will have access to private information of the students and some of the parents. This means they can access real names, ages, and even images. There is a risk to this information in that your teachers may be able to share that information with the public. For this reason, you should have a plan in place to cover privacy risks and NDA agreements. This can be set up and reviewed by your assessment services provider. 

When you are ready to have your assessment done, contact your HR risk assessment services provider. They can step in and help you with the issues you are having. They can also give you suggestions for other plans you may want to have in place to avoid risk and loss issues in the long term running of your teaching business.