2 Pontoon Jetty Styles To Consider As Berths For Your New Boat

An outdoor lifestyle is an iconic aspect of Australian culture. As a nation, there is an abiding love for active and adventurous pursuits in the open air. Along with camping, hiking and going to the beach, many people around the country like to get out on the water in their boat.

Owning a boat lends itself to many different aquatic-based activities. Fishing, water skiing, diving and just enjoying the open ocean are all great options with the freedom of owning a boat. However, as well as purchasing your new boat, you'll need somewhere to berth it.

For many boat owners, a pontoon jetty is an affordable and easy way to berth their boat. Pontoon jetties are ideal for a domestic boat berth and they're quick and easy to install. If you're considering a pontoon jetty for your new boat, here are the two main types that you can choose from.

1. Pile-mounted pontoons

Pile-mounted pontoons are held in place by driving sturdy, metal supports into the earth beneath the water. They take a little longer to install than other pontoon styles, but they're also sturdier and provide an incredibly strong platform for berthing your boat. 

This strength is vital if your pontoon is going to be located on open water that can be rough at times or if you live in a region that experiences severe storms. Pile-mounted pontoons are also an excellent option if you plan to dry berth your boat because the pontoon will be strong enough to support the weight of the boat.

2. Cable pontoons

Cable pontoons are another excellent option for a home-based boat berth. They consist of a rigid gangway that is connected to a floating platform. Both are held in place by stainless steel cables that are firmly attached to the shore. While strong, cable pontoons are best suited for use in areas that are relatively calm and sheltered, such as canals and small rivers rather than the open ocean.

One of the main benefits of a cable pontoon is that it's easy to install. They're also very easy to remove and relocate if you move house and want to take your boat berth with you. They're also very popular in areas where driving piles into the ground isn't permitted due to environmental laws or ecological concerns, or if the ground isn't considered strong enough to hold piles in place.

For more information on pontoons, contact a supplier near you.