How To Get The Maximum Gravitational Pull From Your Magnets

When it comes to magnets, there is one deciding factor: how strong are they? The strength of a magnet, or its gravitational pull, is very important in its overall suitability for certain tasks. Stronger magnets have many uses in industrial manufacturing, machinery and medical equipment along with a million different commercial applications. But how do you find the strongest possible magnet available at a commercial level? Well, here are two key areas you should be looking at.

Rare Earth Magnets

Rare earth magnets are routinely rated as the strongest magnets, pound for pound, against standard alternatives. The term rare earth just refers to the fact that many of the metals used in the creation of these magnets are found in small quantities, not that they are particularly rare worldwide. These metals, such as samarium, neodymium and cerium, have properties that are much more suited to magnetism due to their internal structure. Since their discovery and popularisation, most serious uses of magnets have changed to rare earth magnets for this reason, and you should too. 

Block Magnets

Buying magnets in small quantities is how most companies start off, but at the end of the day, this is a waste of your resources. You should be buying magnets that are the strongest possible and in the most applicable format for your needs. Enter the block magnet. Block magnets are designed, as their name suggests, in a block shape to make them stronger and easier to insert into manufactured cases/machines. These blocks come in all shapes and sizes too, from some barely bigger than the head of a needle to ones several feet wide.

Rare Earth Block Magnets

It should be no surprise that the best way to utilise both the natural power of rare earth magnets with the manufactured quality of block magnets is to combine them both into rare earth block magnets. The structure of the rare earth metals is magnified by the block format, and it makes them far easier to put into small spaces in your machines, products or equipment. If you haven't tried rare earth block magnets yet, then you should at least compare it to your current options. You can order small quantities of rare earth block magnets to test them out for yourself before you commit to any larger order. Once you start buying in bulk, you will also see a reduction in your cost due to a correlating reduction in individual transportation of your rare earth block magnets.