3 Signs Your Boat Needs an Interior Makeover

Having a boat is one of life's great luxuries, and there is nothing better than taking it out on the water on a lazy weekend. However, the unfortunate problem with owning a boat is that they show age and wear much quicker than most vehicles. This is due to the corrosive effects of saltwater in the air and the constant exposure to harsh sunlight.

If you are considering upgrading the inside of your ship but aren't sure if you really need to visit a boat interiors specialist, then here are a few signs that should nudge you in that direction. 

Cracking Leather

Most boat interiors are lined with leather sofas and seats that look great when in good condition. Once they start to show signs of age, however, these seats change from classy to cruddy very quickly. The big problem is that there is no way to fix leather seats like this without simply replacing the covering. Marine upholstery is different from regular upholstery, and every year new synthetic fabrics are upgraded to last longer and better. If you are looking for a longer-lasting alternative to what you had before, then have a browse through their catalogue and arrange a meeting. You might be surprised at the options.

Chipped Wood

There are only so many running repairs you can do on the wood linings in your boat interior. While there are some nifty tricks you can use to patch small chips in your wood lining (including using walnuts!) these do not work on bigger scratches that occur over time. Refurbishment of your boat can give it a brand new look without changing any of the major structural elements. This is much cheaper than buying a new boat, which is the option most people consider first. If you still want to sell after replacing all the damaged parts of your boat interiors, then at least you will get a much better price.

Old Electronics

Electronic appliances upgrade so quickly that even boats from 10 years ago are using TV's, computers and even light bulbs that are extremely inefficient and outdated. If you are sick of trying to relax in a time capsule, then update them. Replacing electronics in a boat is a bit of a finicky job that should be left to the experts, but this is normally quite a quick problem to solve. What can take longer is when your electric wiring itself is faulty, which can be the case on older ships with ceramic fuses. Don't put up with broken electrical systems, get them fixed and enjoy your boat the way it was meant to be.