Should You Be Buying Pine Sawdust for Your Home?

Whenever woodworking takes place, there is always sawdust left behind. Perhaps you have been drilling into wood and a pile of sawdust has gathered below the hole. Maybe you have been cutting a new bench or door frame to size, and around the cut, there is now a mound of sawdust. Your first instinct may be to blow the dust away and get on with the job, but sawdust can have many uses. In fact, you may need to find a pine sawdust supplier and buy sawdust for use around your property. Here are three ways that you could use sawdust that you may never have considered.

Low-cost cat litter

Most children love pets. Pets help children learn responsibility, and how to care for someone. Cats are a great choice of a pet for busy families. If you don't have time to walk a dog regularly, choose a cat that will be happy to take care of itself through much of the day. One regular expense with cats that can't be avoided is the constant need for fresh cat litter. The litter must be regularly changed to prevent unpleasant odours, and the cost of fresh litter can quickly mount up. Pine sawdust is safe for cats and can be used in your home as a great low-cost alternative to traditional cat litter substrate. It quickly absorbs liquids and dehydrates any solid materials and traps odours, keeping your home fresh.

A weed-free garden

If you have ever spent much time gardening, you will know that weeds are a continual problem. One weekend you may spend hours clearing weeds from your flower beds, only to have the weeds quickly come back. Many gardeners have realised the advantages of spreading woodchips over their flowerbeds to prevent the growth of weeds. It is possible to obtain the same result by using pine sawdust. Spreading sawdust across the ground will not only prevent weeds from spreading but also prevent the soil from drying out, allowing your plants to remain cool and thrive.

Easily clear away spills

If you have ever spilled oil or any other greasy liquid, you will know how difficult they can be to clean up. Rather than mopping the spill for hours, you can use pine sawdust. Whenever you have a spill, pour sawdust on the liquid and wait for it to absorb all the liquid. Once the liquid has been absorbed, you can easily brush up the sawdust.

Contact a sawdust supplier for more information.